Brittni + Tony / Avon Isle / Downtown Cleveland


The minute I met Brittni and Tony, I immediately knew we were a perfect fit. We of course discussed their perfectly planned wedding, their photography needs, then I did the thing I do best…blurt out something awkward and weird. I asked “What is your level of inappropriateness?”. Thankfully they laughed and responded “We work at a bar”. Which was a total relief. Don’t get me wrong, I love all couples, my ideal couple is outgoing, down to earth, a little quirky, but most of all ridiculously obsessed with each other. I love couples who show up to their session open minded, ready to be vulnerable and also ready to laugh a lot. I am unapologetically real, I may swear a little too much, I may even make you get raunchy…and for Brittni and Tony, that worked.

These two were seriously dream clients. The kind of people that I instantly loved. I loved them even more once I heard their love story. Brittni and Tony met while Brit was out on a dinner date with her dad. Tony was the bartender. How about that for pressure? I never got quite the story of how it went from dinner to Tony working for Brit’s dad with her, but he must have made a great first impression. Once Brittni and Tony started working together then quickly became close, until they went out one day after work and instantly clicked, at that point, they became inseparable. They are one of those couples that you meet and you just know they were made for each other.

Every step of the process leading up to their wedding made me love them more. They got engaged April 11, 2017 in Downtown Cleveland, right in front of the Jake. (Yep…I still call it the Jake, get over it.) Of course, she said yes and they celebrated how any normal couple celebrates their engagement, TACOS!

Naturally, we captured the most adorable Cleveland themed engagement session with sprinkles of Indians love everywhere. Their chemistry during that session insanely beautiful. I knew their wedding was going to be perfect. From the minute I walked in the morning of their wedding, I was bombarded with love from the Brittni and her girls. These girls made my job so easy. They were so fun and looked absolutely stunning. The morning was filled with lots of laughter, champagne, some amazing details, and a few donut puns. (The bride carried the CUTEST Betsy Johnson donut flask.)

Once the girls were all ready, we went over to Avon Isle get Brittni into her dress and ready for her first look with her future hubby. Their moment was perfect. Single girls…find a guy who looks at you like Tony looks at Brittni. Their first look was seriously adorable and as soon as it was over, it was party time! We spent our afternoon adventuring all over Cleveland taking the most beautiful photos along the way. Our afternoon was epic, and we hadn’t even made it to the most important part, the wedding!

Brittni and Tony’s wedding was one of my favorites of last year. Every last detail was perfect, their wedding party was the most fun, her color pallet was gorgeous, and most importantly they are freaking perfect for each other. Check out their wedding…brag alert…IT’S GORGEOUS!